Daj from the MT Riders forum has given me his 500e to check over..

New cases probably from an MT350 have smartened one side up but the cylinder and head have been left out in the elements at some point in its life.

The piston has picked up at some point causing damage to piston and cylinder. Thankfully we have oversize pistons now in stock. The cylinder and head will be powder coated to freshen the whole thing up.

Daj 1Daj 2

daj 3Daj 4

Piston and clutch have seen better days!

Daj 5

A very clever repair has been carried out at some point!

Cylinder and head should be collected this week so in readiness i have cleaned and prepared the bottom end ready to rebuild tomorrow..



Oil pump tested and clutch side all back together.


Nice new forged oversize piston..


Almost a shame to put the head on!

Daj 9Daj10

Valve seats reground and valves fitted



All finished and ran up on the test bed…