On Sunday I received a special delivery of a poorly 604 motor. The ‘Non Automotive’ belt had snapped with inevitable consequences..

The exhaust valves are proper bent but also the inlets.. I can only assume this is down to the new belt being fitted with the timing 90 degrees out. There was more than one mark on the bottom pulley which probably didn’t help. This became apparent when i was looking to insert the crank locking bolt. Thankfully 36mm inlet valves are around half the price of exhaust valves…. Here’s the progress so far, just waiting for the go ahead from the owner to continue…



Piston survived which is good news!



As soon as i get the go ahead to proceed i’ll get it finished off and ran up on the test bed…

…Its all go!


Head decoked and 4 new valves lapped in.. Just tappets and timing gear tomorrow and then run it up on the test bed ready for collection..


All finished – a proper belt fitted and then ran up on the test bed. Now runs as it should and the belt wont need changing for another 2 years or 24,000 miles!