AJP SPR 125 Supermoto




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Supermoto Catalogue 2023

AJP SPR 125 Supermoto

Price £4445 + OTR Costs

£55 Registration Fee. £24 Twelve Months RFL, £25.00 Number Plate, £37.80 PDI

Available soon as undergoing homologation type approval for UK

A2 Licence Compliant


The SPR 125 Supermot offers an excellent compromise between agility and performance. The torque charged by the 125 engine is ideal for overcoming all obstacles, hit the apex and leave the competition behind. Very low maintenance and affordable price make this off-road motorcycle unique in the enduro-leisure category. When the day to upgrade comes, simply add new parts from the available power-parts for this motorcycle and enjoy a reliable machine that loves to explore new territories.


The SOHC 124cc air cooled single-cylinder engine is an extremely reliable piece of machinery that provides significant torque when you need it. The 5-speed transmission makes the whole engine feel compact and lightweight, perfect for on and off-road travels.


The AJP SPR125 Supermoto frame is carefully crafted and fully developed in-house by the founder’s hands. All AJP frames are built using a hybrid system of steel and aluminium with a specifically flexible geometry that allows any type of riding. from playful flickability to race-performance maxed out throttle response, AJP frames are developed for reliability and performance.


A nimble suspension setup for a nimble motorbike. The fully adjustable ø43mm AJP suspension and ZF Sachs rear shock setup gives you confidence and tune-ability for any set of riding. 280mm of travel at the front and 300mm at the rear-end, intuitive tuning and maintenance-free technology are the premises of the SPR 125 suspension setup.


Signature molded swing-arm

AJP engine protection

AJP hand-guard protection

9.5l petrol tank

Braktec brake setup with braided lines

 Powerparts – Coming soon