AJP realises that not all serious riders are racers; there are a lot of riders out there that aren’t racers but demand a bike that has the right stuff to perform in the real world. In recent years, the gap has widened between detuned enduro bikes and full-blown race bikes, but the AJP SPR240 is the perfect bike to bridge the gap.

The SPR240 is the clear leader of the enduro-leisure category. The price is low enough to remain affordable, but AJP didn’t skimp on features or quality. Excellent, fully-adjustable suspension ensure that SPR240 can be ridden hard and deliver performance on the most demanding trails. 280mm stroke up front and 300mm rear stroke deliver a compliant ride, and over 350mm of ground clearance keeps critical components out of harm’s way.

Full-size 21”/18” wheels roll easily over rough terrain, and powerful disc brakes front and rear haul the SPR240 to a stop quickly.

In the rider compartment, 1 1/8” (fatbar) tapered handlebars are contacted to adjustable billet bar clamps, allowing the rider to customize their controls. A quick-adjust clutch perch, full enduro lighting, a digital speedo/odo computer, and hand guards round out the creature-comforts.

1 1/8” Tapered Bars and Adjustable Billet Bar Clamps Handguards and Quick-Adjust Clutch Perch Included

The ergonomics were well thought out for nimbleness and agility. The rear-mounted fuel tank lowers the centre of gravity and centralises mass for better handling. With the tank out of the way and no radiators to widen the bike, the shroud/seat area is quite narrow and flat.

And there is no shortage of performance from the power plant. The electric-start 240cc four stroke motor provides plenty of power and torque to put a smile on any rider’s face. It has a fun, easy demeanour that is perfect for play, but with more power than its competitors.

With it’s unique combination of features, SPR240 is ready to tackle anything.