MT350 Main Wiring Harness


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Main Wiring Harness for Harley Davidson MT350. 84722453SR. Qty 1. All electric start Rotax powered motorcycles.


This main wiring harness is designed to replace the OEM version on the Harley Davidson MT350. It is compatible with the OEM ignition switch and console wiring harness. It is literally plug and play.

Each wiring harness has been tested prior to leaving the workshop. If you are having difficulties or experiencing the same faults as your old wiring harness you may have another electrical fault.

Always ensure the grey earth wires are correctly attached to the frame of the motorcycle and the battery is also correctly attached to the frame.

This wiring harness is designed to work with the OEM regulator and Sportax Regulator 84820620SR.

Please note when separating the connectors do not pull the wires, pull the connector block!

Circuit Breaker Points to Note

The single thick red and red/yellow wires must be wired to the same circuit breaker. The other double ended thick red feeds the red/black and the green/yellow as per the picture.

Accessories and Black Out Wiring Points to Note

In addition to the OEM wiring harness there is a further 2 way connector. It is marked ACCS. This is a switched live (red/blue) and a direct earth to the frame (grey) which can be used to activate a relay for heated grips or spot lights etc.
We do not recommend this connector to power accessories directly.

Regulator Rectifier

Low Voltage Switch

Ignition Switch


Above picture is a wiring harness being tested